Improving Hiring Results by Launching an Employee Referral Program


Our client wanted to drive a significant % of hires through the ERP.  This was based on Dr. John Sullivan’s research indicating that the results of a successful ERP program would provide significant benefits for the organisation:

Analysis of job placements

The key principles that go into a good ERP include:

  • Simple and easy to understand for all employees (conditions, incentives, how to submit etc.)
  • Ensure that the program is enabled by technology so that it is easy for all staff to submit referrals.
  • Ensure that there is a high-touch element (act promptly on all referrals to thank the referrer and contact the referee)
  • Brand the ERP and take a planned communication approach to ensure constant awareness of the ERP by all staff
  • Actively manage the program by monitoring both inputs (number of referrals) and outputs (number of placements made via ERP)
  • Provide timely feedback to the referrer about the candidate he/she has referred.


PeopleScout took the following steps to launch and manage the program:

  • Designed the Employee Referral Program
  • Developed and launched the ERP’s creative concept “Connect”
  • Designed Employee Referral process, policies and principles
  • Managed the initial launch and ongoing promotion of the program


  • 5 placements on average per month
  • Annual average of 15% of all placements, reaching over 20% at one point
Employee Referral Program Dashboard
Employee Referral Program Dashboard