Improving the Assessment Process in a Graduate Recruitment Program


PeopleScout were asked to assist and advise our client on two Graduate Recruitment programs within their Accounting and Construction business units. Our client hoped to recruit between 30 and 40 new graduates, based on business requirements, commencing in 2014. The client felt that their graduate selection process was time consuming, the company’s capabilities framework was not being used during the graduate screening process, and a large number of the high volume of applications they received were unsuitable and unmanageable.

Key Requirements

  • Recent graduates with Honours or Distinction degrees, specialising in either accounting, finance, business studies, engineering or construction.
  • Graduate skill sets aligned with their capabilities framework
  • Demonstrated interest (outside of university) in the subject matter
  • A can-do attitude
  • Initiative and self-awareness
  • Strong relationship building skills and an ability to communicate articulately
  • Ability to think outside of the square, and solution focused
  • Commercial awareness and appreciation
  • An agile learner and an appetite to learn and grow
  • A future (thought/people) leader


PeopleScout introduced a more structured approach to graduate assessment and introduced new rules which were utilised during the process.  These assessment rules included:

Validity– the assessment must relate to the competencies and address essential skills and knowledge. It is an indication of how well an assessment actually measures what it is supposed to measure.

Reliability– this means that the assessment tool and process will produce consistent outcomes when applied by a range of assessors in a range of contexts.

Fairness– This means that the assessment will not disadvantage any person and will take into account the characteristics of the person being assessed.

Flexibility– This means that the assessment tool and process allows for assessment in a range of assessment contexts. PeopleScout redesigned the following processes and applications as part of this project:

  • Reengineered the graduate screening process
  • Streamlined both graduate recruitment programs to improve time efficiencies
  • Created a Competency Matrix for Graduates, ensuring alignment with the company’s new capabilities framework
  • Created market leading tools for advertising, introduced a social media web page specifically tailored towards prospect graduates.
  • Introduced Psychometric Testing and Assessment centres, utilised new assessment instruments to assess graduates under the new capabilities framework
  • Tailored springboard to match this new process
  • Redesigned applications and screening forms used throughout the screening process

PeopleScout also built and delivered an induction to assessment centre delivery program for hiring managers, so they were aware and educated of the process and expectations of them during the assessment centres.


Through the use of the new graduate screening process, Lend Lease achieved greater time efficiencies, a higher calibre of graduates and an assessment centre that is streamlined and structured but flexible enough should any changes need to occur in the future. The Graduate Recruitment Program was completed successfully with 33 hires.

In 2018, we completed over 300 graduate hires for this client and achieved a 50/50 gender split on all graduate shortlists.