Senior Vice President of Client Delivery

PeopleScout U.S.

What do you actually do at PeopleScout day to day?
I leverage my expertise in many areas across our business, to collaborate with our clients and recruiting teams to achieve strong talent results for their business.

Through this collaboration we are able to elevate processes and introduce technology automation for efficiency as well as providing smooth and informative process for candidates. I am lucky to be able to work with clients that have strong performance in their industries.  I very much enjoy working with our recruiting teams that are so knowledgeable about the skill sets they recruit for and are committed to their craft.    

How long have you been at PeopleScout and what was your first position here?
I have been with PeopleScout for 28 years. I started after graduating from college as a Recruiting Coordinator. This was my first full-time job. In my 28 years I have had more than 20 different roles with in PeopleScout and I have had the opportunity to learn and experience so much while staying very committed to one company and our mission. It as been a joy to come up through the ranks from an entry level position and watch to company grow and evolve. We have so much talent at every level of the organization that it is a joy to watch others follow their own growth path. 

What does leadership mean to you?
To me leadership means being the first to volunteer to take on that big challenge or change and inspiring the team to join you in the effort. Leadership also means being determined to find a new way when we are failing or the obstacles seem insurmountable. As a leader you need to share a vision and continue to define and shape it with your team. 

Do you have a leadership philosophy? If so, what is it?
My philosophy is one of “servant leadership” by supporting the growth and empowerment of my teams to accomplish their individual and client partnership goals.

What advice do you have for women getting started in their careers?
Ask questions and share your ideas, never doubt how valuable your perspective and experiences are to shaping the future. 

Who is someone who has contributed to your success and how?
Gerry Sullivan and Taryn Owen for encouraging and empowering me as leaders and mentors.

Who inspires you? Why?
My team – they actually build the dream I have described to them.

What is the proudest moment in your career so far?
Presenting awards to employees. This is such a humbling and inspiring experience as I get to see the result of our focused partnership and celebrate in the rewards of my team/partners committed efforts.

What can we all do to support women in leadership?
I think one of the best things we can do as a society to support women in leadership is to relax the expectations that working women need to be able to do everything at work and everything at home. Allowing for flexible expectations and definitions will give freedom for women to explore options and make their own priorities.

What is the biggest challenge facing the generation of women behind you?
There is still a need for gender equity in the workplace. With the progress being in fits and starts over the past few decades how can we together continue to bring awareness and progress. The biggest challenge facing women in the workplace today is keeping the issues of gender equity as a priority. 

What was your dream job as a kid? Why?
My dream job when I was a kid was to be a mother and I have been lucky to be the mother of two amazing and talented individuals, Emory (24) and Liam (20).  In my early career a primary motivator was to grow my career so I could be a better provider to my children.  None of my co-workers have been able to escape stories of my children and my children have heard countless stories of our challenges and success in our work efforts. I am proud to be a working mother and hope I have passed on some valuable lessons from my journey.

What was your first job?
PeopleScout Recruitment Coordinator