Graduate  Recruitment white paper

Graduate Recruitment white paper

What makes a standout candidate experience for emerging talent?

We surveyed students, graduates and apprentices to lift the lid on their recruitment experiences and find out what separates the best early careers employers from the rest.

Included in the white paper

  • Key Findings:
  1. The #1 thing candidates want to have insight on is
    what a typical day would be like.
  2. The #1 barrier to candidates applying is the belief
    that they would be unsuitable for the role.
  3. Only 11% of candidates report feeling confident
    before assessment centre or interview.
  4. Not having enough information about the day to day
    role requirements is the #1 cause of doubt in
    candidates after accepting an offer.
  • A detailed look at the Candidate Journey
  • Key Takeaways: How can employers build better Candidate Experiences?

Build online communities.

Track diversity throughout the candidate journey.

Provide opportunities for graduates to interact with existing talent.

Prepare candidates for the assessment centre.

Nurture your relationships with unsuccessful candidates.

Refine your onboarding communications.