Talking Talent: Maximising Recruitment Success with Global Teams

To stay ahead in the current talent market, many leaders are pushing boundaries and leveraging borderless talent teams.

In the U.S., there are currently two jobs open for every unemployed person, making it challenging for employers to keep up. This also applies to roles on recruiting teams. As SHRM reports, job postings for recruiters tripled between 2019 and 2022, leaving talent leaders with lean teams to fill open positions.

On top of that, candidates have high expectations for the recruitment process. They want it to be quick and simple, which is a difficult prospect for a small team within a small geographical area.

To combat this, global teams have become a growing component of RPO programs. This means that organisations can have recruiters, sourcers, screeners and other members of the recruiting team sitting around the world—not just in one country. These global teams enable your organisation to chase the sun as they take on portions of your recruitment process to add speed and flexibility.

So how do you best integrate global teams into your process? How can you know if they might be the right fit for your program? And how can they give you an edge in a difficult and uncertain talent market?

Joining this episode is Maria Alexander, PeopleScout vice president of client delivery. Maria has years of experience working with global teams and using their unique skills and perspectives to drive success in complicated talent programs.

In this episode, she debunks common misconceptions, provides best practices for working with global teams and shares real examples from her career. You’ll hear Maria explain how global teams can make an organisation more nimble and agile and how the added diversity of your team can bring new perspectives and better performance.

Post by Nicole Fuqua