The Hard Truth About Candidate Experience: Part Two

Insights from the Inside the Candidate Experience Report

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Candidate experience has never been more important. Yet, fewer than two in ten candidates rate their experience as excellent.

So, what can you do about it?

To find the answer, PeopleScout audited the candidate journey of more than 215 organisations around the world, giving each a Candidate Experience Quotient, CandidateXQ, score.

By analysing these CandidateXQ scores alongside data gathered via a survey of over 2,400 job seekers globally, we uncovered a clear disparity between candidate expectations and the reality they encounter while searching for jobs, gathering information to support their decision, and applying. These findings are detailed in our new research report, Inside the Candidate Experience, which will be released on January 25.

For deeper insights into our research as well as actionable ways you can improve your own candidate journey, join PeopleScout Global Head of Talent Consulting Simon Wright for the companion Talking Talent webinar, The Hard Truth About Candidate Experience: Part Two, available now, on-demand..

In the webinar, Simon covers:

  • Our most significant research findings
  • How candidate expectations line up with reality and how you can close the gap
  • How generational differences influence what candidates consider before taking a role
  • An action plan to start improving your candidate experience
  • And more!

If you missed The Hard Truth About Candidate Experience: Part One, watch the half-hour webinar on-demand now!