Checkup: How Healthy is Your Talent Acquisition Program?

According to J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare Industry Outlook, the majority of healthcare executives expect to hire more physicians and nurses. However, there may not be enough talent to meet demand, with 58% of respondents stating they are “extremely” or “very concerned” about finding qualified candidates.

To learn the best ways to recruit for these hard-to-hire roles, join PeopleScout Healthcare Executives Gerry Sullivan, Leader of Enterprise Business Development, and Brett Bryner, Healthcare Workforce Leader, for our on-demand webinar Checkup: How Healthy is Your Talent Acquisition Program?, where they discuss their real-world experiences with clients and success stories from recent healthcare engagements.

In this webinar you will:

  • Find out how healthcare staffing shortage trends have changed in recent years
  • Learn the newest ways to recruit healthcare candidates faster
  • Explore ways to overcome the challenges of hiring for clinical and non-clinical roles
  • Understand why the candidate experience is more crucial than ever
  • Learn why maximising transferrable skillsets from non-healthcare industries is crucial
  • Hear testimonials and success stories in the tough-to-fill healthcare talent market