How to Assess for Passion, Purpose and a Growth Mindset

The world is changing faster than ever before – as employers grapple with the digital transformation, skills shortages and competitive economic conditions. In response to these drivers, job responsibilities change rapidly, and organisations need to hire creative employees to innovate and implement new ideas. To remain competitive, employers cannot simply hire a candidate who can meet the requirements of a job as they are written on day one. The candidate needs to have the skills and drive to grow, learn and adapt as the organisation moves into the future.

In this ebook, How to Assess for Passion, Purpose and a Growth Mindset, we explore the current state of assessments, the ways we at PeopleScout have worked to expand assessments to evaluate a candidate as a whole person, how these new assessments work in practice and the benefits and results of the whole person assessment method.

Post by Nicole Fuqua

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