Lexis Nexis APAC: Developing a Strategic RPO Partnership

PeopleScout has been providing RPO services to Lexis Nexis APAC since 2011, helping them to achieve critical business objectives including:

  • Delivering cost reduction through reduction in agency usage
  • Reducing turnover through improved quality of hire
  • Driving a more strategic recruitment function to lift capability
  • Delivering a high touch candidate care program ensuring positive brand impacts
  • Building talent pools for hard to fill roles including sales, operations and IT.
  • Defining and delivering a compelling EVP and employment brand
  • Scope of Services

The onsite PeopleScout team are responsible for the end-to-end management of the recruitment process. This includes candidate engagement and attraction strategies, strategic and innovative sourcing approaches, screening and assessment methodologies, Candidate and Hiring Manager engagement and satisfaction, management of the offer process and coordination of onboarding activities.

The team work in partnership with local and global HR teams to define the recruitment needs of the business and to meet those needs by successfully placing quality hires in a cost effective and efficient manner.


The solution continues to achieve positive results for the business including:

  • Placement of all salaried roles
  • Solution extension to support hiring for Elsevier Australia
  • Radical cost reduction year on year with zero agency hires in many years
  • Delivery of strategic projects such as vacancy promotion via social media channels, hiring manager training & up skilling & online approval process
  • Increased % of passively sourced, referral & internal placements year on year
  • Launching the “You are the difference. Make it happen.” EVP campaign for Australia & New Zealand doubling applications in the first three months of launch
  • Developing the “Be part of something bigger.” global EVP campaign with the New York Lexis team.

Value Added Services

As part of this solution, PeopleScout has delivered a number of additional services in order to drive continuous improvement and innovation into the RPO solution.  The following is a summary of some of the services that have been successfully implemented:

  • Implementation of Psychometric Testing Framework
  • Development and delivery of Hiring Manager Interview training
  • Evaluation and selection of assessment tools
  • Development and delivery of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for Australia and NZ with a creative campaign execution
  • Development and delivery of a global EVP (covering Europe, Asia, North America, South Africa and other regions) with a creative campaign
  • Exit Interviews
  • Review and development of a recruitment policy
  • Development and international alignment of recruitment metrics and reports
  • Implementation of a mobile-friendly careers website
  • Automation of the offer process
  • Automation of the approval process
  • Development and execution of a social media strategy
  • Delivery of competitor name generation and maps
  • Delivery of market mapping for hard to fill roles
  • Development of hard to fill talent pipelines
  • Development and promotion of the Employee Referral Program (ERP)

Example of an EVP campaign produced for LexisNexis Australia and New Zealand:

“You are the difference. Make it happen”

Example of a Global EVP campaign produced for LexisNexis New York: